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The last time she pulled it open — a year ago, to put a new set away — she stared at its contents and burst into tears. Vicky says her old self feels like a stranger: someone who would confidently slip into sexy undies as part of...
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If you're experimenting with sex for the first time, trying to impress a new lover or hoping to reignite the passion in your relationship, you may find yourself asking the question: "Am I good in bed? Even for experienced couples, it's perfectly normal to feel insecure about your...
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Hey, it's okay to ask. We should all be doing whatever it takes to get more pleasure for ourselves and our partner or partners during sex.
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Sometimes you really want to get it on, but there's no bed to be found. For example, you meet someone at a bar and are quite certain that you can't possibly wait until you get home to have sex, so you need...
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Freud once called female sexuality "the dark continent," and if that's true, then male sexuality might as well be the dark planet. Because when it comes to sex , men are far from simple. As much as they may try to convince us otherwise.
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Good sex is good for your health. According to a study published in Biological Psychology , sex can help lower stress-related blood pressure. Another study found that it can help improve memory in women.
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How to have sex in the bed
How To Satisfy A Woman In Bed: 5 Keys To Better Sex (And To Make Her Come) Or if you don't have a regular sexual partner but you sleep with girls here and.If you want to sweep your girlfriend or your fuckbuddy off her feet and onto her back …. The test contains 13 questions you can answer very quickly ; just check the boxes that best apply to you. If you want your partner to reach orgasm, it is essential that she feels relaxed.... Read more